Wednesday, April 1, 2009

#16 Award

Certainly not my best work so far. But the company I work for rewarded everyone that passed the LEED AP exam the past quarter with a dinner at An in Cary, NC. I must give them an A for the presentation, but as for the flavor, I wasn't impressed. The rice is wrapped in a leaf that made a bowl. I was able to be funny and pick up the rice in the leaf and place it next to my chest as if I was pinning it on as a buttoniere. Wouldn't that be funny, if guys could wear buttonieres with snacks in them ? It might make more want to be groomsmen............
PS I took this with my camera phone, I was embarassed to go to the car and get my camera for fear that my cohorts would think that I hadn't eaten a meal in a restaurant before!!! Shame on me!


  1. Anything for a picture LOL Congrats on the exam and on the wonderful image!

  2. Congratulations on the exam and for earning a high end dinner on the company. I like your shot and I've been known to resort to the camera phone a few times too. Fancy food is so wasted on me though! I like my food simple. And I don't want to know where it came from or how it lived before arriving on my in "free range California poultry with a reduction of..."

  3. Congrats on the achievement! The wrapped rice seems a bit too pretentious to me - I like attractive food but I don't want to have to decipher how to go about eating it.

    (I admit to being embarrassed photographing food in restaurants.)

  4. Wouldn't have know it was a camera phone! Looks like a special effect. I take pictures of food all the time in restaurants! I noticed that you are in NC... I am in Raleigh. I will email you. Or email me if I can't figure out how :-).